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 lib   $ρ$-hot Lexicon Embedding-based Two-level LSTM for Sentiment Analysis

 lib   11 x 11 Domineering is Solved: The first player wins

 lib   25 years of CNNs: Can we compare to human abstraction capabilities?

 lib   3D Deep Learning for Biological Function Prediction from Physical Fields

 lib   3D-CODED: 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation

 lib   4D CNN for semantic segmentation of cardiac volumetric sequences

 lib   6th International Symposium on Attention in Cognitive Systems 2013

 lib   99% of Distributed Optimization is a Waste of Time: The Issue and How to Fix it

 lib   A 2nd Longitudinal Corpus for Children's Writing with Enhanced Output for Specific Spelling Patterns

 lib   A Bayesian Compressed Sensing Kalman Filter for Direction of Arrival Estimation

 lib   A Bayesian Mixed Effects Model of Literary Character

 lib   A Bayesian Model for Activities Recommendation and Event Structure Optimization Using Visitors Tracking

 lib   A Benchmark Dataset and Saliency-guided Stacked Autoencoders for Video-based Salient Object Detection

 lib   A biconvex analysis for Lasso l1 reweighting

 lib   A Black-box Attack on Neural Networks Based on Swarm Evolutionary Algorithm

 lib   A Blissymbolics Translation System

 lib   A Brief Introduction to Machine Learning for Engineers

 lib   A Chasm Between Identity and Equivalence Testing with Conditional Queries

 lib   A comment on the paper Prediction of Kidney Function from Biopsy Images using Convolutional Neural Networks

 lib   A compact formula for the derivative of a 3-D rotation in exponential coordinates

 lib   A Comparative Analysis on the Applicability of Entropy in remote sensing

 lib   A Comparative Study of Filtering Approaches Applied to Color Archival Document Images

 lib   A Comparative Study of Two Statistical Modelling Approaches for Estimating Multivariate Likelihood Ratios in Forensic Voice Comparison

 lib   A Comparative Study of Weighting Schemes for the Interpretation of Spoken Referring Expressions

 lib   A Comparison of Audio Signal Preprocessing Methods for Deep Neural Networks on Music Tagging

 lib   A comparison of recent waveform generation and acoustic modeling methods for neural-network-based speech synthesis

 lib   A Computational Theory for Life-Long Learning of Semantics

 lib   A Computationally Efficient Method for Defending Adversarial Deep Learning Attacks

 lib   A Data Mining framework to model Consumer Indebtedness with Psychological Factors

 lib   A Deep Learning Approach to Denoise Optical Coherence Tomography Images of the Optic Nerve Head

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