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CK-compatible public repositories
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 ck-repo   ai

 ck-repo   armnn-mlperf

 ck-repo   Artifacts to reproduce experiments from CGO 2017 paper by S.Ainsworth and T.M.Jones 'Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses'

 ck-repo   CK (machine learning based) multi-objective autotuning

 ck-repo   CK analytics

 ck-repo   CK crowdtuning (crowdsourcing autotuning)

 ck-repo   CK dissemination modules

 ck-repo   CK repository to crowdsource optimization of benchmarks, kernels and realistic workloads across Raspberry Pi devices provided by volunteers (starting from compiler flag autotuning)

 ck-repo   CK web

 ck-repo   ck-ai

 ck-repo   ck-armnn

 ck-repo   ck-artifact-evaluation

 ck-repo   ck-assets

 ck-repo   ck-caffe

 ck-repo   ck-caffe2

 ck-repo   ck-ccprof

 ck-repo   ck-cntk

 ck-repo   ck-crowd-papers

 ck-repo   ck-crowd-scenarios

 ck-repo   ck-crowd-scenarios-arc

 ck-repo   ck-crowdsource-dnn-optimization

 ck-repo   ck-crowdtuning-platforms

 ck-repo   ck-crowdtuning-results

 ck-repo   ck-dev-compilers

 ck-repo   ck-dissemination

 ck-repo   ck-dnndk

 ck-repo   ck-docker

 ck-repo   ck-env

 ck-repo   ck-graph-analytics

 ck-repo   ck-gui

 ck-repo   ck-kann

 ck-repo   ck-lift

 ck-repo   ck-math

 ck-repo   ck-mlbox

 ck-repo   ck-mlflow

 ck-repo   ck-mlperf

 ck-repo   ck-mvnc

 ck-repo   ck-mxnet

 ck-repo   ck-nntest

 ck-repo   ck-object-detection

 ck-repo   ck-old-packages

 ck-repo   ck-openvino

 ck-repo   ck-pytorch

 ck-repo   ck-qiskit

 ck-repo   ck-quantum

 ck-repo   ck-reproindex

 ck-repo   ck-request

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-caffe-intel

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-iot-farm

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-mobilenets-armcl-opencl

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-mobilenets-tvm-arm

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-resnet-tvm-fpga

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results-caffe-intel

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results-iot-farm

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results-mobilenets-armcl-opencl

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results-mobilenets-tvm-arm

 ck-repo   ck-request-asplos18-results-resnet-tvm-fpga

 ck-repo   ck-rescue-hpc

 ck-repo   ck-rigetti

 ck-repo   ck-rpi-optimization-results

 ck-repo   ck-scc

 ck-repo   ck-scc18

 ck-repo   ck-tbd-suite

 ck-repo   ck-tensorflow

 ck-repo   ck-tensorrt

 ck-repo   ck-tiny-dnn

 ck-repo   ck-tvm

 ck-repo   ck-wa

 ck-repo   ck-wa-extra

 ck-repo   ck-wa-workloads

 ck-repo   ck-web-adapt-workshop

 ck-repo   ck-website

 ck-repo   cTuning datasets (min)

 ck-repo   cTuning programs

 ck-repo   default

 ck-repo   gemmbench

 ck-repo   Large and shared artifacts (HOG experiments) to reproduce CK paper

 ck-repo   reproduce-adapt16

 ck-repo   reproduce-anon-paper

 ck-repo   reproduce-carp-project

 ck-repo   reproduce-fgg-2010

 ck-repo   reproduce-milepost-project

 ck-repo   reproduce-sysml19-paper-aggregathor

 ck-repo   reproduce-sysml19-paper-p3

 ck-repo   Reproducible and interactive papers with all shared artifacts for our CK papers

 ck-repo   Reproducing PAMELA project (medium data set (20 frames) for slambench) via CK

 ck-repo   Reproducing PAMELA project (slambench analysis and crowd-tuning) via CK

 ck-repo   Tool clsmith converted to CK format