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Live report demonstrating CK-powered multi-objective and multi-dimensional autotuning
Grigori Fursin 1,2, Anton Lokhmotov 2
1 cTuning Foundation, France,   2 dividiti, UK

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This live report demonstrates how CK can help create researchers reproducible and interactive article from reusable components

Note: After GCC 4.9.x we changed parsing script, moved it to CK (see above link), and started parsing optimizations using gcc --help:optimizers, while taking parameters from params.def, hence small variation in number is possible.

Interactive graph of slambench v1.1 cpu autotuning

Reproduce/reuse/replay/discuss via CK (interactive graphs)

    /?/?   ● Samsung ChromeBook 2; Samsung EXYNOS5; ARM Cortex A15/A7; ARM Mali-T628; Ubuntu 12.04; GCC 4.9.2; video 640x480    ● Big green dot: Clang 3.6.0 -O3    ● Big red dot: GCC 4.9.2 -O3    ● Small blue dots: random GCC 4.9.2. optimization flags (with 10% probablitiy of a selection of a given flag    ● Small red dots: Pareto frontier

Non-interactive graph of image corner detection algorith (susan corners) autotuning

Reproduce/reuse/replay/discuss via CK (interactive graphs)

    /?/?   ● LENOVO X240; Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz; Intel HD Graphics 4400; Windows 7 Pro    ● Image image-pgm-0001; 600x450; 270015 bytes /?   ● Black square dot: MingW GCC 4.9.2 -O3    ● Blue dots: random optimization flags (with 10% probablitiy of a selection of a given flag    ● Red line: Pareto frontier


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