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Class-Agnostic Continual Learning of Alternating Languages and Domains

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Authors: Germán Kruszewski,Ionut-Teodor Sorodoc,Tomas Mikolov
ArXiv: 2004.03340
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Continual Learning has been often framed as the problem of training a model in a sequence of tasks. In this regard, Neural Networks have been attested to forget the solutions to previous task as they learn new ones. Yet, modelling human life-long learning does not necessarily require any crisp notion of tasks. In this work, we propose a benchmark based on language modelling in a multilingual and multidomain setting that prescinds of any explicit delimitation of training examples into distinct tasks, and propose metrics to study continual learning and catastrophic forgetting in this setting. Then, we introduce a simple Product of Experts learning system that performs strongly on this problem while displaying interesting properties, and investigate its merits for avoiding forgetting.

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