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Convergence of Langevin MCMC in KL-divergence

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Authors: Xiang Cheng,Peter Bartlett
ArXiv: 1705.09048
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Langevin diffusion is a commonly used tool for sampling from a given distribution. In this work, we establish that when the target density $p^*$ is such that $\log p^*$ is $L$ smooth and $m$ strongly convex, discrete Langevin diffusion produces a distribution $p$ with $KL(p||p^*)\leq \epsilon$ in $\tilde{O}(\frac{d}{\epsilon})$ steps, where $d$ is the dimension of the sample space. We also study the convergence rate when the strong-convexity assumption is absent. By considering the Langevin diffusion as a gradient flow in the space of probability distributions, we obtain an elegant analysis that applies to the stronger property of convergence in KL-divergence and gives a conceptually simpler proof of the best-known convergence results in weaker metrics.

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